Introduction of National SDI

National Geoportal of Spatial Data Infrastructure

A safe and efficient platform for introducing and sharing of spatial data organizations

Download of spatial data infrastructure documents

.In this section, there is possibility to download the documents produced by the National Cartographic Center and other international authorities

Download the required software and educational videos of using the Geoportal and spatial data implementation

In this section, you will get acquainted how to build services, metadata and use the spatial data of National Cartographic and etc.


In this section you can search for information layers and existence maps in the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Portal.


In this section, all users can express their opinions about the quality, speed and ease of working with the portal

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, users can express their questions about the portal from relevant experts.

Mobile Geoportal software

In this section, you can download the mobile Geoportal software for the Android operating system.

  • Spatial Data Infrustructure

    An efficient tool for better management of disaster

  • Integration of organizations and businesses spatial information

    In order to achieve sustainable development

  • Simultaneous analysis and modeling of information layers

    by aim to gain the process of land change and national resources knowledge

co-worker of National SDI

Provinces' Geoportals

Geoportal of Mazandaran province


Geoportal of Zanjan province


Geoportal of Fars province



Uploading the instruction of Spatial Data Infrastructure implemention of National Cartographic Center document


Upload instructional videos Using the portal and implemention the spatial data


Creating a spatial data of Zanjan province with the cooperation of the National Cartographic Center


Creating a mobile Geoportal for using the Android smartphones


Creating a spatial data infrastructure Geoportal of Mazandaran with the cooperation of the Nation Cartographic Center of Iran


Conclusion the joint letter of understanding between Management and Planning organization of Fars and National Cartographic Center